Friday, February 20, 2009


The sun is shining, the sky is blue with white clouds dancing, and I am now "Mimi Sue." It is a Friday to remember, indeed. What a week of wondrous joy...and a week to celebrate in gratitude. My "Friday Favorites" come easily and certainly make me smile.

First, one of my favorite pictures of new granddaughter Abigail who apparently is most contented with her hands in prayerful contemplation :-)...

Next, not sure if this is exactly what Andrew looked like when he finally got the news that he was officially an uncle, but I was thrilled that the Tanzanian phone lines were up and going this morning so that I could have a great chat with him ~ he is so very excited and looks forward to printing off many pictures next weekend when he is in Moshe (actually I'm going to send him prints and hope they reach him first). He also gave me a wonderful update on his village projects - they are establishing bio-intensive gardens to take advantage of every precious drop of rainwater as they develop their crops. Things are moving quickly and going well ~ he's very encouraged and sounds happy.

I am hoping to see Gran Torino soon, and a friend had shared this link to a tribute to the film's music ~ incredible! Definitely a favorite from the week to share with you!

Finally, I've been "thinking pink" all week as we've welcomed Abigail and certainly as I look through my shops I do have "favorites" there as well.

~ "Pretty in Pink" Necklace at Artfire
Pretty in Pink Necklace


Anonymous said...

Beautiful and congratulations on the new addition. There is nothing as shiny and wonderful as a newborn baby. :)

Marie said...

Congratulations! She's lovely. :)