Sunday, January 25, 2009


26 days and counting! :-) We celebrated yesterday by having the "final" baby shower for Sarah, themed appropriately, "Pretty in Pink," with lots of the designated color present ~ in gifts, decorations, apparel, and food. "Pink" was the "word" of the day. Guests included family and friends for a wonderful afternoon of hysterical games (Nicole, where do you come up with some of these?? "Break Your Baby's Water!"), great stories ("Bubbles and Suds"), delicious food (if you haven't tried out the new cake bakery in town ~ The Ribbon Box ~ make it a must do!), and most importantly, a showering of love on our favorite mama-to-be.
This new necklace and pair of earrings were inspired by our "Pretty in Pink" fun this weekend ~ and as I wait for the arrival of my first granddaughter, this may be the beginning of a new collection! Wait and see!

~Pretty in Pink Necklace
Pretty in Pink Necklace

~Pretty in Pink Earrings
Pretty in Pink Earrings


brokenteepee said...

You are not the LEAST bit excited now, are you? :)

Mimi said...

Gee, can you tell?? LOL!!