Wednesday, January 28, 2009


The "unofficial" report just announced on the TV news is 13" of snow from the storm for our city ~ still under a "Level 2" snow emergency and schools have already announced a "delay" for tomorrow...but now the weather is calling for the winds to pick up with the new wind chill advisory and 13+" of snow drifting on the roads, I'm guessing that our "one" snow day will be extended.

So, how did we celebrate? And, yes, we celebrate snow days - the wonder and beauty of the falling, swirling flakes, the unexpected "vacation day" for Hannah, the "excuse" to practice the "art of doing nothing" and not feel guilty....

  • Waking up, then seeing the giant "snow-globe" flakes and snuggling back under the covers, and catching just a little more sleep, knowing that school had already been cancelled the night before.
  • Good oatmeal...the REAL kind - with brown sugar and blueberries. OK, and yes, mine had a couple big scoops of flaxseed, too, for good measure.
  • Having the time to catch up on emails and laughing...
  • Finding time, at my leisure, to do my yoga - and inviting Hannah to join in....she passed.
  • Watching Hannah snowboard again out the back door!
  • Sharing great hot chocolate after the snowboarding --- check out Penzeys Spices Hot Chocolate Mix (they are now ONLINE!) - awesome, especially with a sprinkle of Penzeys' cinnamon on top! Mmmm!!'
  • Watching a DVR'd Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservations" - trip to the Azores (never knew about the connection to Fall River, MA - home of my mom and Grandmother....although they are pure Yankee!)

Tonight's celebrations plans? Home-cooked meal...chicken piccata, couscous, spinach salad; some time with "the beads" :-); and then mother-daughter bonding over the latest episode of LOST....and then I'll be catching the return of "Life on Mars" Woo-Hoo!

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