Monday, January 7, 2008

Featured Artist ~ DreamON

Ever found yourself drifting off in a daydream, only all too quickly to be brought back to what might be waiting for you in reality? Well, no worries, DreamON is a wonderful shop where daydreaming is “adored” and the collection of watercolors and acrylics will encourage you to escape at least for a just a bit!

Mary, the talented artist behind DreamON, explains that she is “wired with (the)…Art Chip” as she has been an artist since the time she could hold a crayon and now cherishes any time working with a variety of media ~ watercolor, acrylics, mixed-media, collage…

While her college degree is in art and additional formal study has included workshops and classes from nationally and regionally-known artists, Mary believes that important lessons came from lesser known yet “wonderful artists who now paint in the sky, local artists who teach the basics, as well as the artists I paint with.”Mary explains that because she does not want to “over-control” the media in her technique, she is an impressionist. Her watercolors look like watercolor, and her paintings have a “painterly look,” rather than appearing to be photographic.

Ready for a new daydream? Well, DreamON is the place for you! I highly recommend following the advice of first getting that cup of coffee (or tea) and settling in for a leisurely visit.

You can find DreamON at:



Mary (DreamsAboutArt) said...

Thank you. Great feature. Mary

LazyTcrochet said...

I love the cat, very pretty!

(sorry about the Buckeyes!)