Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Featured Artist - Liz Staley

If you are a fan of role-playing games (i.e. Dungeons and Dragons, etc.), anime, unique humor, and beautiful crocheting (yes, crocheting!), you will really enjoy your visit to Liz Staley’s Shop or the “Realm of Nerdness” as it’s called! I know I did!

Liz got an early start in arts and crafts as a baby when her mother would let her help paint ceramics by giving her a paintbrush, a cup of water, and a rubber ducky. Ever since that early start Liz has loved drawing and creating things.

Liz explains that she is just an average, creative, nerdy girl who loves experimenting with new things, crocheting, and releasing her creations out into the world to be appreciated by others. While she has been crocheting and drawing for years, she also loves to make button pins, which I found to be among my favorites in her shop. She also is moving into making ACEO cards and sewing and tends to go on what might be called “craft binges” where she makes a whole bunch of one item ~ Liz says if you see long stretches of crocheted items or button pins being listed, then you’ll know it’s the result of a “craft binge”! You might also see Liz Staley one day on the book touring circuit! She just completed a book (with her own illustrations – wonderful!) and now is contemplating publishing. I just took a peek at a couple of chapters and she has me hooked! You can check out Liz’s entire book online at: The Aka Ryuu Chronicles Story and Art by Liz Staley

I’m sure you’ll enjoy browsing Liz Staley’s Shop and you’re sure to find something unique and wonderful for gift-giving this holiday season. Be sure to stop by soon!

You can find Liz Staley at:
Etsy: lizstaley.etsy.com
Blog: livewirechick.blogspot.com

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Elizabeth Staley said...

Thank you so much for the awesome feature! I'm glad you enjoyed my shop! :)