Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Lots to treasure this Tuesday so let's get started....first, in case you haven't heard ~ I'm going to be a Mimi again! How exciting is that!  I must say that the "first time around" with Miss Abby has been more than incredible, so the bar has been set very, very high for grandchild #2, but I have no doubt that he or she (we find out in just another week or so!) will have no trouble warming our hearts every bit as much :).

Next, if you are an artisan, crafter, or "creator-wanna-be," don't miss out on ArtFire's one-time, limited offer to open a Pro-Account Shop on their awesome site for only $5.95 per month for life....FOR LIFE....yes, I said, for life....NO OTHER FEES with ArtFire ~ no listing fees, no percentage of your sale fee....this is a GREAT deal, especially given the marketing tools and support that ArtFire provides.  I've had a basic shop for some time now - not wanting to make the $$ commitment to go "pro" - but with this offer, I'm "in" for sure.  Compared to Etsy, this really will be a bargain ~ and ArtFire has become Etsy's equivalent (and is edging ahead, some say) in the quality "handmade" marketplace.  Take a look around -- see what's offered & give it some serious thought....but don't take too long.  This "treasure" is only good before October 1st!  After that, the Pro Accounts will remain at their $15.95 per month level.  Eek!

A reminder of my special upcoming Mimi-addition and another "heirloom" treasure I'd like to share with you is a custom order bracelet that was ordered just this week from the SignatureSterling Etsy shop"Grandma's Gems" is available for up to 16 (!!!) grandchildren (this picture shows a bracelet made for 5 grandchildren, using 2 birthstones for each one).  Called "Grandma's Gems," this can also be designed as a mother's bracelet and is made using all sterling silver, Swarovski pearls and crystals.  I'm reminded this week that I still need to make one for myself! :)

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