Thursday, January 28, 2010


Giving thanks today for those "three little beeps" at the other end of  my cell phone -- not too unlike a busy signal on most calls -- but whenever I call my son who is in Tanzania, those "beeps" mean "YES, I've got a connection and he's going to answer!" :)  You see, the alternatives -- which for the last several days I've been receiving are silent airtime followed by what we have come to refer to as "funky Tanzanian dance music" and a recording in Kiswahili I clearly don't understand...or the one which really has had me worried this week, silent airtime followed by an actual ringing but then a recording in English informing me that the number I was dialing has been disconnected or changed.

When one's son is half a world a way (with the Peace Corps since June 2008), one really, really is grateful for those "three little beeps" and delayed voice answering, "Hello, Mom? Is that you?"  Today was a good day!

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