Thursday, January 21, 2010


My grandmother is such a blessing to our family.  She is 99 years old ~ her 100th birthday will be celebrated in December of this year ~ and still lives completely on her own.  Now, I'll admit, as the last few years have brought her increasing challenges with hearing, sight, mobility, and memory, there are times that our patience is tested as well, but yet we know that it truly is her independent spirit and strength that drives her.  And that one day, we will be doing the same to our daughters ~ at least that is the joke we whisper to each other ~ and how wonderful it will be to follow in her footsteps! 

Nana claims that daily exercise and healthy eating are an important part of her well as her daily 5pm highball (just one!) :)   She plays Bingo whenever she can find a game, has a jigsaw puzzle always going in her living room, and never misses church on Sunday (or if she does, you'll hear about it...).  She truly is a special woman, the matriarch of five generations now of incredible women in this family.  We are blessed, indeed.

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