Thursday, May 28, 2009


Anyone who knows me well can attest to my complete lack of direction. Yes, I am "directionally-challenged." Do not tell me, "Go north" or "head west" unless you want me to roam aimlessly for hours. I need specifics - turn left at the 3rd light after the stop sign.

Yet, when left to my own devices and travelling alone, if I do wander off course, I usually don't feel any angst or great anxiety, any great need to immediately turn around. Instead, I'll just keep going and see where the new road takes me, winding through a new journey and generally still arriving at my destination, although a little later than planned.

There is a notepad on the nightstand by my bed which is imprinted with the words, "Your life is the journey." Sometimes the journey may be filled with details and specifics, and sometimes it may just be open roads. Yet, the journey is what life is all about - and living that journey wherever it takes you. Forget the GPS...follow your heart on the next road trip - just watch out for the bumps in the road. :-)

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