Thursday, March 19, 2009

SNAGGED! yEllOw MellOw...

I can't TELL you the last time I was able to "snag" a treasury on Etsy, but today, thanks to the wonders of Facebook "psst, hey, buddy...," Marcy gave me the "heads up" that they were about to open up, I happened to have some time, and wandered over -- didn't have anything planned but with "almost-spring" sunshine streaming in the window, the song "Mellow Yellow" suddenly came singing into my head, LOL!

Enjoy these fun finds...and remember, the "Etsy" treasury "veni, vidi, vici" mission is to "come (visit), click (on each item), and comment" in order to make the treasury "rise" in "hotness" :-)

So, how did Marcy, of StudioMarcy, do in her race to treasury- snagging? Successful, of course! You can also visit her "Beelightful" treasury and find some wonderful honeybee finds, and BEE sure to stop by Marcy's studio to pick up Jill the Preppy Bee (how adorable is she!!)

Thanks for the "buzz," Marcy!!


Pricilla said...

Lucky you! I will have to go check it out...

marcy said...

Hi Sue,
I'm so glad you got one too. I knew facebook was good for something other than just goofing off.

I think we were on a similar wavelength, check out my treasury,

Catch you later,