Friday, March 6, 2009


It's Friday and I've got a BIG list of favorites to share with you today...
  • FIRST....the windows are open and it SMELLS like SPRING!! Woo-hoo!! YAY!!!! Loving this weather :-)
  • Guess what arrived this morning to make my day!
Yep, it's my very own copy of Alphabet City by Stephanie Chisholm - the "Chiz" - that I raved about in last week's Friday Favorites!!
  • I have been a HUGE fan of SOCK MONKEYS ever since my "little" Sarah (now a "mommy" herself) was a premature little sweetheart and her daddy placed one in her hospital nursery 'bed' right after she had been released from the NICU...
  • So, I had a great time window shopping and "faving" some great sock monkey finds this week -- take a peek and see what you think! I'm hoping to share some of these soon with my new sweetheart, Abby! :-)
From Shop3pm on Etsy, what could be cuter than this traditional sock monkey doll - oh, it does take me back!!

Any little one would be stylin' with these coveralls from JustKiddn ~ how cute are these!!

At this time of year, who could resist an adorable sock monkey "tip-toeing through the tulips" from Sockmonkeycards?

Hey, if you know know babies burp and you know that you want to have one of these handy from ClaireandJanae!

And from one of my favorite Etsy artisan friends, how could I resist this special one! Marcy - you've done it again!! :-) Check out her work at StudioMarcy!!
  • And, what I think will be new favorites in my Etsy shop (once I get them listed...soon -- probably tonight or tomorrow) :-)
Spring Green Necklace

Spring Green Earrings


Petula said...

Wonderful favorites. It's always great to have things that make us happy.

janaemadsen said...

thanks so much for featuring me! Mention this blog and get free shipping!

marcy said...

Hi Sue,
thanks so much for including Mae, my glass bead focal sock monkey. I have found a new few favorites because of you. I like your taste. And that necklace of yours is wonderful.