Thursday, February 5, 2009


Those of you who know me well, know by now that this title does not refer to a very good film, but to my shopping fetish...yes, at a terrific nearby Goodwill Store where I always find, sometimes after a bit more hunting than other visits (that's part of the surprise factor) amazing deals ~ designer and mall-brand fashions, rarely worn (even occasionally with store tags still on!) at GW prices!

Here's an example of last week's successful "hunt" :-)
  • 3 pairs of very gently worn jeans (great condition - ready to wear!) - Lee, Casual Corner, J Jill...$5.99/pair

  • long wool plaid pleated skirt (looks brand new condition) - Talbots...$2.99

  • black dress blazer (also looks brand new condition and looks terrific with skirt above) - Alfani...$4.99

  • long brown herringbone blazer (again - did anyone ever wear this???) - Ralph Lauren...$4.99

  • fun denim blazer/jacket (I know you think I'm making this up, but seriously - swear it looks brand new...) - Ann Taylor...$4.99

Yep, grand total, after necessary sales tax...$38.36.

Now, to date, I have tried unsuccessfully to share this shopping venue with my 16-year-old daughter (her reaction - "no way!). But, I may be making some headway. When I walked in the door this week with my BIG bag of goodies, she exclaimed, "You went shopping....can I go shopping?" To which I replied, "Sure, I'll take you where I went." That' s when she noticed the bag more closely and responded "Oh, you went there." I did tell her that I would be happy to give her the same amount of money I had spent shopping and she could spend it shopping wherever she wanted to - :-)....she, of course, jumped at that offer (I mean, c'mon, no 16 year-old is going to pass up $40). But, then she did look very carefully through the bag and commented, "Wow, well, you know I might want you to take me there some time so I can try to find some dress pants."

Aha - Mom has maybe scored!

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