Thursday, November 13, 2008


Stop what you are doing RIGHT now ~ well, not right now ~ keep's some info. on some awesome giveaways - yep, FREE (if, you're the lucky!! winner) GREAT gifts from very talented Etsy friends of mine (so, hey, I KNOW the goodies are great -- I even signed up for the one I was "eligible" for - would sign up for both if I could!!).

First, you should mark EVERY Monday from now until oh, say probably Christmas, I think, because the ABSTEAM (Artisan Beaders Street Team) is sponsoring a terrific giveaway on their blog - with one of our extremely talented members offering the item each week for the lucky winner. All you have to do is check the blog, leave your name and email addy in the comments section for the weekly drawing and "cross your fingers." It's that easy! This week's item are these beautiful "Cocoa Wave" Earrings, created by Vicki of Orion Designs (who, can I just say, is one of my very favorite people ~ as well as being, as you can see, an awesome jewelry designer!). Be sure to get in on this giveaway!

The next special "contest" is a limited time offering by Patty of Happy Goat Soap (I've got an order in right now for some very sweet-smelling bars myself -- great stuff!!). Patty's giveaway is open until midnight on Saturday, November 15th, and all the details are posted on her blog, Broken Tepee. Basically, you get to pick your soap design (lots of neat shapes) and favorite scent and then post it under the contest comment section before the deadline along with your email addy ~ don't forget the "cross your fingers" part ~ and wait for the drawing!

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