Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hitting the "Boards"....and We've Picked Our Beads!

The "Morning Zoo" continues to "hit the boards" (indoor soccer amazes me with its fast-pace and the way the ball not only richochets off the players' feet, but also off the sides of the wall at such force -- and as a goalie mom....aagh! so many places for that ball to "boomerang" from! But, that's why our goalie loves the game so much, so I have to get used to it, I guess!) are some favorite pics from the last couple of games...great job, ladies!!

Laura, of Isinglass Design, and I have decided on the focal lampwork beads she has created which I will be using in our Creative Minds for Charity (CGGE/etsyBEAD Challenge). They are the gorgeous blues which I featured earlier when I introduced Laura to you, and I am so looking forward to designing something wonderful around them.

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