Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Seriously? Seriously!

Celebrating Andrew's and Grandma's birthdays last night....we were in the living room at my parents, following dinner, opening presents (after enjoying cake and ice cream in the dining room).

Andrew received this card...

After presents were all opened, John stepped out into the dining room and suddenly shouted when he saw this...

And, the guilty party, Skippy ~ the Wonder Dog ~, caught in the act, quickly jumped off the table and scurried to the safety of his bed.
"...remember, never trust a dog to watch your birthday cake..." Can't say no one warned us! Seriously? Seriously!

You can read Skippy's version of this birthday cake gluttony at his own blog ~ Skippy the Wonder Dog.

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Rach said...

How ironic is that? Hee,ha, that's funny!