Saturday, January 5, 2008

Mark Your Calendar ~ EtsyBloggers Treasure Hunt!

*♥* ANNOUNCING the 1st MONTHLY EtsyBloggers TREASURE HUNT-JAN. 19th!!!! *♥*

**♥**JOIN IN THE FUN!!! **♥****♥** WIN YOUR Choice of prizes!!! **♥**

1. See this thread at Etsy ~ "EtsyBloggers Treasure Hunt" for complete details and list of participating shops.

2. Each shop will have our team logo as one of their item's images in their shop:
The participating shops will have the team logo listed within one of their shop items. The team logo won't be the 1st image for the item, it will be the 5th OR the last image for that item, so you'll need to click on each item to see all the pictures in at least 10 different participating shops to find the logos. Go from shop to shop until you find 10 of the team logos, write down the shop name and also all of the item names which contained the logos. While you're doing this, decide which ONE of those items you would like as your prize. THEN convo StormyDesigns immediately with your finds AND which ONE of those items you would like to choose as YOUR PRIZE!!

3. The EtsyBloggers Treasure Hunt BEGINS at 12:00 AM EST Saturday Jan. 19 and ENDS at 12 AM EST Sunday Jan. 20 OR UNTIL ALL prizes have been found, whichever comes first, so be sure to start playing as soon as you can after the hunt begins. It will be announced in the "EtsyBloggers Treasure Hunt" thread when the Treasure Hunt has ended so check the thread for updates.

4. Limit one prize per person.
You must be an Etsy member to win, buyers and sellers are welcome! Members of the Etsybloggers Street Team are not eligible to win. You must be an official member of the team to offer a prize in the treasure hunt.
Prize availability depends on how many participating shops there are, i.e. if there are X amount of shops listed below, there will be that many prizes! Once a prize has been won the shop owner will remove the logo from that item UNLESS they so choose to offer another prize.

5. You must convo StormyDesigns with all the info needed and you must have the verification number that StormyDesigns gives in order to claim your prize. To claim your prize just purchase the prize you are claiming without paying and leave it in your shopping cart. The shop owner will be notified of your win and your verification number shortly after you are so they will be expecting your order. You must enter that verification number or convo it to the shop owner so they can verify it with the number that they were given by StormyDesigns. The numbers must match so make sure you get them right.

Mark your calendars for January 19th and happy hunting!

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