Friday, December 7, 2007

Featured Etsy Artist - Knuckletoes

Knuckletoes is a terrific, fun, creative shop filled with an assortment of unique jewelry, clothing, and great gifts. Katie, the Etsy artist behind Knuckletoes and her second shop, Revinylized, describes herself as a” jewelry, clothing and purse-maker who wants to share her style with the world!” Reaching out from her home in Saskatchewan, Canada, Katie markets through her Etsy sites and enjoys selling at surrounding folk festivals as well. She enjoys “upcycling” when making her clothing and purses, using anything from tablecloths to curtains to pillowcases for a vintage feel as well as giving a boost to the environment.

This inclination to recycle in her creating directed Katie towards her second Etsy shop, Revinylized. After first purchasing a stack of old, unusable LPs and melting the records into bowls, she then bound some blank paper to the insides of the covers and tah-dah ~ a sketchbook! Recently the covers have been transformed into jumbo tote bags and the sketchbooks further developed into CD books. Soon, this side recycling project became its own Etsy shop, Revinylized.

You are sure to enjoy your visit to Knuckletoes ~ you MUST check out the PMS cards! Note: She does accept custom pictures for those – interesting idea! And browsing through Revinylized will amaze you with the “upcycling” as well as take you on a wonderful walk down memory lane!

You can find Knuckletoes at:


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Very, very awesome! Thanks so much for the great reviews.
(is flattered)