Sunday, December 30, 2007

Featured Artist ~ A Rose by Name

The beautiful world of beadweaving always amazes me, and I was not disappointed by my visit to the talented beadweaver’s shop, A Rose By Name. Anna not only enjoys beading, but finds it to be a therapy for stress!

At first a family activity, Anna explains that her daughters and she first tried beading together many years ago. As weaving skills undoubtedly developed through the years, Anna now works with smaller beads and more intricate designs. While her daughters no longer join her in beading, they do enjoy wearing the beautiful pieces that Mom creates.

Anna is an active member of the Etsy community through her participation in three street teams ~ Etsy BeadWeavers, Cleveland Rocks, and BBEST - Boomers & Beyond.

Stop by A Rose by Name soon and discover ~ or re-discover! ~ the beautiful world of beadweaving!

You can find A Rose by Name at:



Anna said...

Thank you, Sue! What a very nice post!

RedBessBonney said...

Happy New Year!