Saturday, November 24, 2007

Featured Etsy Artist - Lost Mitten

What do you get when you combine art, a love for crafting, video games, knitting/crocheting/needlepoint, Japanese art paper, and kawaii? I know, it’s a tough one….but not if you’ve stopped by a most delightful Etsy shop, Lost Mitten, which has managed to do it all with fun, unique, original pinback buttons, jewelry, journals, accessories, and other gift items.

Lauren, the artist behind Lost Mitten, is a self-proclaimed “geek” and has been creating handcrafted items for her shop since September 2006. A huge video game addict, she finds inspiration in her love for video games to create many of her original crafts.

I so enjoyed browsing through Lauren’s listings. My favorites were the pinback buttons and jewelry using the Japanese washi paper and Chiyogami (Yuzen). I found the colors so wonderful and the designs intriguing. And I learned a bit as I “stopped” along the way and read about “Chiyogami paper”: “Chiyogami designs were developed in the Edo period as woodblock prints by papermakers. They were based on the bright kimono textiles which the papermakers saw on the fashionable wealthier ladies in the larger cities. Many of the symbols depicted resemble images from fancy kimonos: cranes for long life; bamboo for flexibility; plum blossoms and pine boughs for beauty and longevity."

If you’re looking for a unique, original, fun gift idea, be sure to stop by Lost Mitten, and check back often ~ Lauren continually tries to be creative by crafting new items for the shop.

You can find Lost Mitten at:

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