Friday, September 21, 2007


Friday already ~ the month seems to be going so fast yet we're back into another warm spell so summer seems to have revisited! Andrew is heading home this weekend for the first time since school started ~ very busy senior year, so we will enjoy the time with him. He has completed his Peace Corps application for next year and now waits for the next step in the process. I think he was meeting with a representative he may have more news about the "next steps" when he gets home.

I did get the new Buckeye Nation Jasper necklace listed in the shop - just in time for tomorrow's game LOL!
Buckeye Jasper Necklace Buckeye Jasper Necklace Buckeye Jasper Necklace

And of course, TGIF would not be complete without some of my favorite pics from last night's games!

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