Sunday, September 2, 2007


Wow ~ what a great weekend! The weather is awesome -- especially for the holiday weekend, too! And of course, we must mention the most-excellent win yesterday (and what happened up-north?? -- my, my -- bye, bye #5!!). Hope you all are going to enjoy the day(s) with family and friends...Hannah and Dad are heading out for a bike trek along their favorite path ~ leaving me some time to "play with the beads" as they say. Looking forward to an "annual" family cookout "at the farm" tomorrow -- saying farewell to summer at least according to the calendar although the weather will still give us plenty of warm days still.

~LABOR DAY WEEKEND SPECIALS in the shop! Check them out - good through midnight tomorrow!

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Happy House Quilts said...

Thanks for the feature I wish i could link to it. You rock!